Last Updated: January 9, 2017 10:32 AM

Grad Parents

September 2016
October 2016
November 2016


GRAD Ceremony - June 17th 2017

GRAD 2017 Fundraisers:

Purdy's Chocolates - Online orders due in by Nov. 28th.

Poinsettia Fundraiser - Order forms due by Dec. 5th. Pick up Dec. 12th


Grad Parent Meeting: Monday, Jan. 9th, 2017 7 pm Multipurpose Room

2016-17 GFSS Grad Committee:

Chairperson – Alaina Condruk
Co‐chairperson – Cara Mehmal
Treasurer – Alyssa Makortoff
Secretary – Riley Steinbach
Decorating – Kyra Dawson
Fund raising – Cassie Davies
Public relations and Communications – Rachel Steinbach

2016-17 GFSS Grad Parent Committee:

Chairperson – Loretta Condruk
Co-chair - Stephanie Koorbatoff
Treasurer – Cam Malkinson
Secretary – Kire Gillett
Decorating – DeeDee Dawson/Kerry Lee Plotnikoff
Fundraising – Deb Davies/Colleen McKay
Public relations and Communications – Deb Steinbach

NOTICES: Grads, you are now able to book your sitting times for your Grad Portraits Feb. 1st and 2nd. Go to the school website for the direct link to the GFSS direct scheduling page. Photos will be taken in Room 208 on the 2nd floor at the school. There are suggestions from GradsBC to prepare for your sitting appointment on this site as well.
Please note we do not have a "paper" booking system in the office for your grad portrait sitting times. Appointments must be booked online.