MIssion Statement
Vision / Goal Statement
District Literacy Plans
School District #51 (Boundary)

The Boundary District serves a resident population of approximately 10,000. Approximately 67% of the dwellings are categorized as rural. Non-English speaking households comprise 4.2% of the population and 15.3% of the population identify themselves as Aboriginal. The School District population Sept 30, 2015, is 1279 students. The population has been in decline since 1998.

  • 772 elementary and 507 secondary students (includes adults)
  • 320 Aboriginal students
  • 136 students enrolled in special education programs
  • approximately 25% of the student body is identified as aboriginal

Unique Characteristics and District Strengths

The District continues to face the challenges associated with declining enrolment due to a weak primary industry based economy. The fiscal reality facing the District has been how to keep small rural schools open with a full range of programs and services. During the 2002-2003 school year, the District moved to an altered calendar as well as the four-day school week to save costs. The adoption of the Four Day Week has permitted the District to move from a deficit to a surplus situation and this has allowed the District to fund programs targeted to early literacy and student achievement.

The School District has also partnered with other community agencies; Ministry for Children and Family Development, Public Health, and Boundary Family and Individual Services Society to create an integrated service model (Boundary Integrated Services Model or BISM) for each of its community catchments areas. As a result of this model every elementary school in the District has a Family Center located in the school or on the school property. Family Centers provide a variety of community services for families and children including parenting programs, pre-school literacy programs, health and nutrition counseling, etc.

The District offers an alternate school program at Walker Development Centre in Grand Forks and has 2 one room schools; one at Big White (grades K to 9) and at Beaverdell (grades K to 3).

Mission Statement

The Board of Education, School District No. 51 (Boundary) will provide the opportunities for students to develop their individual and unique potentials in harmony with home, school and community, thus enabling them to become mature responsible citizens with inquiring minds and a desire for lifelong learning.


Boundary School District:

  • where every student is inspired, challenged and cared for by exceptional educators
  • where you are welcomed, respected and valued
  • where together we are working for our students
  • reflection of the wishes of the community in Board decisions and to the responsibility of keeping the public informed


  • the provision of relevant and excellent education programs for students
  • the protection, care and growth of students
  • the support of its employees and the achievement of excellence in the workplace
  • the provision of physical facilities meeting the best standards of cleanliness, attractiveness, safety and suitability
  • reflection of the wishes of the community in Board decisions and to the responsibility of keeping the public informed