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SD 51 BCeSIS Support

Welcome to the SD51 Level 1 Support Team

Welcome to our new webspace. We are hoping this site will offer us the means of providing you with the help required to meet your needs. On the left under "Quick Links," you will find categories that help you reach the information you need. Please choose the quick link that best fits your District Role.

Shawn Lockhart
BCeSIS Support
Phone: 1.250.442.8285

To log onto BCeSIS click here

Implementation Plans and Training Timelines
To see physical timeline for Student Services Rollout as well as Teacher Assistant click here

Getting Started
When setting up your computer for BCeSIS, remember that all Popup Blockers have to be disabled; Google, Yahoo and others all have their own popup blockers. The first time logging in could take a very long time depending on your connection speed due to the downloading and installation of the JInitiator program.
The guide below will provide assistance for those getting started or setting up at home.

Secretaries (back to top) 
General Resource Guides
The documents listed below are general guides developed to assist you with common tasks in BCeSIS. If these do not meet your needs please be sure to contact Shawn Lockhart. Remember to check the Learning Resource Centre at the ISW.

Admitting new Students
District registration form for new students
Attendance codes
Data Extract and merging for labels
Homeroom list by teacher
Mailing labels
Medical alerts report
School photos instructions

Below are guides specific to Elementary level.
Elementary registration form in Word
Printing report cards from the office
Report card labels for elementary
Elementary Office Resource Manual
Elementary Registration Form
Transportation assistance reports
Below are guides specific to Secondary level.
TRAX Procedures
Creating an honour roll using pivot tables
Secondary office resource manual
TRAX Error Legend
Printing Secondary report cards
Creating a General Data Extract for course marks
School message for Seconary report cards

Teachers (back to top) 
General Resource Guides
Be sure to check the list of guides below if you are encountering difficulty with using the Teacher Assistant. If you cannot find what you need please contact Shawn Lockhart. Don't forget there are also quick reference guides (QRG's) available at the ISW website under, Learning Resource Center.

Changing Word Smart Quotes & Hyphens for BCeSIS
BCeSIS - Getting started and initial setup
Logging on to BCeSIS and passwords
TA Resource Manual
Changing your password

Printing class lists / records
Teacher notes on students
Yesterday's attendance entry
Attendance taking in BCeSIS
Reports and Printing

Below are guides specific to Elementary level.
Curriculum report card complete guide v4
Curriculum report card abreviated guide v4
Printing your class Report Cards
Grade 7 ILO's
Grade 6 ILO's
Grade 5 ILO's
Grade 4 ILO's
Grade 3 ILO's
Grade 2 ILO's
Grade 1 ILO's
Grade Kindergarten ILO's
K-7 Science ILO's in Excel
K-7 ELA ILO's in Excel
K-7 FA ILO's in Excel
K-7 HCE ILO's in Excel
K-7 Math ILO's in Excel
K-7 PE ILO's in Excel
K-7 SS ILO's in Excel

Below are guides specific to Secondary level.
Course exams using school set percentage
Mark confirmation & comment proofing
Mark Entry for report cards
Producing Interim reports
Using an "I" for reporting
Report card basics for those using the Gradebook

Guides for those using TA Gradebook
TA Gradebook setup
Course set up basics - Preps
TA Gradebook & Mark Entry
My Preps using organizers - Math 11 Example
TA Gradebook getting started & initial setup
Course exams Prep setup and Procedures

Administration / Counselling (back to top) 
General Resource Guides
. If you cannot find what you need please contact Shawn Lockhart. Don't forget there are also quick reference guides (QRG's) available at the ISW website under, Learning Resource Center.

General Resources
The guides below are offered as resources to support your general needs:
Admin Intro to BCeSIS - ELive recorded session
Incident Reports - minimum requirements
Counsellors Resource Manual
The guides below have been created to assist in your scheduling needs:
Bringing courses to the District Level
Setting up term courses
Option verification letter for upcoming gr. 8's
MTB simulation sequence checklist
MTB checklist
Mass entry of options
Conflict details screen
Using matched alternates
Mass entry of alternates
Creating cohort groups for scheduling
Pre-scheduling Checklist

BCeSIS Student Services Support (back to top) 
As we move to implement the new Student Services Module we will use this site to keep you informed. From this site you will be able to find timelines, scheduled training sessions and reference guides. We encourage you to check here for information, and don't hesitate to contact Shawn Lockhart with your questions.

You will find our SD51 Implementation Plans for the Student Services Module below:
Student Services Rollout

Ministry Links and Documents
The following are links to relevant Ministry Special Education documentation
Special Education Handbook of Procedures
Ministry Policies for Special Education
Establishing and Implementing Goals and Objectives

Student Referral
Team Meetings
Student Review

Notifications and Forms
Creating an Assessment
Action Items
Determinations of Eligibility
Service Plans
Individual Education Plan reference guide

Parent Input
Creating a Goal Progress Report
Assigning a Case Manager or Security by Student
Contact Log
Using Staff roles to Populate Positions
Student Services Full Reports

Please find below the guides prepared to help you with the Student Services Full Module.

Changing or Discontinuing a student eligibility
IEP Guide from PowerPoint
Changing an incorrect eligibility designation
Changing the status of an existing Objective

Adaptations Summary
Changing Word Smart Quotes and hyphens for BCeSIS
Ministry Checklist from migrated eligibility
Special Services list
Staff Occupation Types list
Using the Select Teacher query screen
Assigning Security Access to Staff
IEP Goal Progress Report Guide


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Help! I can't get into BCeSIS...
The following has been adjusted to reflect the changes to BCeSIS since the January 22nd, 2009 update.

If BCeSIS isn't working for you and you're sure your Internet connection is just fine, then please try the steps detailed below. This applies to PC's regardless of whether your operating system is XP or Visa.
If you are having problems with these instructions please contact the Help Desk. If you are having problems using BCeSIS after you've successfully logged in please contact David Levine. Thank you.

Window XP, Vista
5 Steps to Success for you home computers or personal laptops...

You need to be using the correct version of Java. To use BCeSIS you need version I recommend the removal of all other versions of Java. This goes for Oracle JInitiator also as it is no longer needed. A comprehensive visual guide will be added below in the next couple of days for you to download.

Step 1
Go to your Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs(XP), Programs And Features(Vista). Scroll through the list of installed programs and Remove/Uninstall all versions of Java (it may appear in the list as Java or as J2SE). Then do the same for any versions of Oracle JInitiator. From this window you will be able to determine the version of Java. The only one you should have is: J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 14 (available from the link below).

Step 2
At the bottom of this page under Required Software Links, click on: Download Java 1.5-14. From the window that opens, select Run. Follow the prompts to install.

Step 3 (optional)
Go to the Control Panel, select Classic View at the right if you are not already in this view, and double click on the Java icon. Click on the Update tab. From here, uncheck the automatic updates. In the window which opens, choose Never Update. Ok and close.

Step 4
Open Explorer and log on as usual to BCeSIS. Depending on your computer you might encounter some prompts such as Run Active X, or a security warning window which you should tell it to "Always trust" and Run.

Step 5
Allow Pop-ups for BCeSIS to work properly. Under the Tools > Internet Options menu select the Privacy tab. Either disable the Popup blocker, or select settings and enter * in the address field and press Add.
Note: additional 3rd party toolbars such as a Google bar each have their own popup blocker

Required Java Link and visual guide for Windows XP and Vista:

Macs come with Java already installed and should not require any system changes.