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Please note that a parent/guardian must phone in the day of the absence or before the absence. A student cannot be excused after the day he/she is absent.

John A. Hutton Elementary School Handbook
& Code of Conducts 2016 - 2017

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Hutton Elementary Mission Statement

Our mission at John A. Hutton Elementary School is to provide a people-focused, supportive, and challenging environment where learners vigorously pursue quality in behaviour and learning, becoming lifelong self-evaluating, productive, caring, healthy and responsible members of our diverse and changing world.

Ms Marci Butler

Mrs. Sheryl McIver

Administrative Message

John A. Hutton Elementary School takes pride in being a “Community of Learners”.  Our school is inclusive of all.  We are a Kindergarten to Grade Seven School with the majority of our classes being “blended”; a method that has proven to lead to much success for our students.  We are also pleased to house Hutton StrongStart for children five and under (prior to Kindergarten).  The StrongStart Program welcomes all children along with a caregiver.  The StrongStart Program’s goal is to help “ready” children for Kindergarten.

At John A. Hutton we focus on working together to achieve our personal “bests” and the best for our students.  Our staff works hard to achieve and maintain a good balance between Numeracy, Literacy, Science, the Fine Arts and Physical Fitness.  Our students are very involved in extracurricular sports and activities and we take pride in their abilities, their achievements, their sportsmanship and their many talents.

Our school is an “open” one.  Students are welcomed into the school each morning with the doors opening for the first bus students by 7:40 a.m. and the main doors remaining open until 4:15 p.m.  Students are encouraged to spend their lunch hours and recesses outside in the fresh air but are always welcome in their classrooms.  Our School’s Rights and Responsibilities are the code by which we work.  If a need for discipline arises, it is based on our belief that discipline needs to be consistent and firm, yet low-key and as matter-of-fact as possible. Children choose their own behaviour.  By establishing realistic and natural consequences, we make it more comfortable for students to choose a responsible activity. We work on intrinsic rewards for appropriate behaviour

John A. Hutton has a proud history in all facets of school life and we look forward to sending our students off to High School at the end of their Elementary years with all the skills necessary for a successful future.