Volunteer Drivers

Please Read Carefully

Requirements of Volunteer Drivers:

1. Complete a Volunteer Driver Application. (This needs to be done for every vehicle that is driven and redone if there is a vehicle change.) You can get this application by downloading it (click here) or obtaining it from the school office.

2. Please go to the RCMP Office for the Consent for Disclosure of Criminal Record Information. This only needs to be done once. This form needs to be filled out, and delivered backto the RCMP (please indicate that this disclosure is for the school your child is attending).

3. Bring in you current Vehicle Insurance and Driver's Liscense for photocopying. The vehicle insurance must be current not expired.

4. The volunteer driver needs to phone ICBC (1-800-950-1498) and have them fax Driver's Abstract to us (fax number 250-442-2085) or ICBC has a new online service: http://www.icbc.com/drivingrecords. This needs to be done once every school year.