2007-2008 Action Plan
Educational Programs Services
Governance Communications
Finance Facilities
Health & Safety
Policies Under Development

School District Policy

Governance Communications

Appeal Process
Appeal Procedures Bylaw
Authority of the Board
Availability of Board Agendas
Board Meetings
Code of Ethics
Concerns & Complaints
Conflict of Interest
Corporate Advertising, Canvassing
Distributing Union/Political Information
Distribution of Materials
Distribution of Minutes
District Organizational Chart
Election Bylaw No. 1-2018
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy
Formulation of Policy
Guiding Principles
Inclusive Environment
Long Service Retirement
Mandate/Role of the Board
Non Sexist Environment
Ombudsman Inquiries
Parent Advisory Councils
Procedural Bylaw No. 1-2010
Role of the Board Chair
Role of the Vice Chair
Role of the Trustee
Safety of Students & Staff - Maintenance of Order
School Closure
Steps for Addressing Concerns & Conflicts
Superintendent of Schools
The School District
Trustee Expenses
Trustee Indemnity
Trustee School Liaison

Volunteers - Criminal Record Search
Volunteers / Visitors
Whistle Blower Protection


Access to Student Records
Bus Transportation & Walk Limits
Competition Recognition Fund
District Code of Conduct for Students
Integration of Special Needs Students
Nutrition & Fitness in Schools
Out of Province Students
School Attendance / Catchment Areas
Student Assessment & Evaluation
Student Lockers Search and Seizure
Student Promotion / Placement
Student Grade Retention/Acceleration (Updated)
Student Records
Interim Policy - Student Reporting
Suspension of Students
Transportation of Students in Private Vehicles
Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion (NEW)

Finance Facilities

Accumulated Operating Surplus
Disposal of Equipment and Assets
Diposal of Land
Public Use of Facilities
Retention & Disposal of Documents
School District Banking
School Enhancement Projects
School Fees
Signing Authority - Absences
Signing Authority - Legal Documents
Signing Authority - Cheques

Use of Facilities & Equipment by Staff
Video Surveillance - Exterior of Properties
Video Surveillance - School Buses

Health & Safety

Active Transportation
Anaphylaxis (Severe Allergic Reaction)
Anaphylaxis Action Form - Elementary Student
Anaphylaxis Action Form - Secondary Student
Bomb Threats
Child Abuse / Protection
Critical Incidents
Emergency Preparedness
Infectious Blood Borne Diseases
Respect for Human Diversity: Gender & Sexual Diversity
Respectful Workplace
Request for Administration of Medication
Student Accident & Illness
Temporary School Closure
Tobacco, Cannabis, and Vapour-Free Schools (Updated)
Violence, Intimidation, Harassment, Threats