2007-2008 Action Plan
Educational Programs Services
Governance Communications
Finance Facilities
Health & Safety
Policies Under Development

School District Policy

Governance Communications

Appeal Process
Appeal Procedures Bylaw
Authority of the Board
Availability of Board Agendas
Board Meetings
Code of Ethics
Concerns & Complaints
Conflict of Interest
Corporate Advertising, Canvassing
Distributing Union/Political Information
Distribution of Materials
Distribution of Minutes
District Organizational Chart
Election Bylaw No. 1-2018
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy
Formulation of Policy
Guiding Principles
Inclusive Environment
Long Service Retirement
Mandate/Role of the Board
Non Sexist Environment
Ombudsman Inquiries
Parent Advisory Councils
Procedural Bylaw No. 1-2010
Role of the Board Chair
Role of the Vice Chair
Role of the Trustee
Safety of Students & Staff - Maintenance of Order
School Closure
Steps for Addressing Concerns & Conflicts
Superintendent of Schools
The School District
Trustee Expenses
Trustee Indemnity
Trustee School Liaison

Volunteers - Criminal Record Search
Volunteers / Visitors
Whistle Blower Protection


Access to Student Records
Bus Transportation & Walk Limits
Competition Recognition Fund
District Code of Conduct for Students (updated)
Integration of Special Needs Students
Nutrition & Fitness in Schools
Out of Province Students
School Attendance / Catchment Areas
Student Assessment & Evaluation
Student Lockers Search and Seizure
Student Promotion / Placement
Student Grade Retention/Acceleration
Student Records
Interim Policy - Student Reporting
Suspension of Students
Transportation of Students in Private Vehicles

Finance Facilities

Accumulated Operating Surplus
Disposal of Equipment and Assets
Diposal of Land
Public Use of Facilities
Retention & Disposal of Documents
School District Banking
School Enhancement Projects
School Fees
Signing Authority - Absences
Signing Authority - Legal Documents
Signing Authority - Cheques

Use of Facilities & Equipment by Staff
Video Surveillance - Exterior of Properties
Video Surveillance - School Buses

Health & Safety

Active Transportation
Anaphylaxis (Severe Allergic Reaction)
Anaphylaxis Action Form - Elementary Student
Anaphylaxis Action Form - Secondary Student
Bomb Threats
Child Abuse / Protection
Critical Incidents
Emergency Preparedness
Infectious Blood Borne Diseases
Respect for Human Diversity: Gender & Sexual Diversity
Respectful Workplace
Request for Administration of Medication
Student Accident & Illness
Temporary School Closure
Tobacco-Free Schools
Violence, Intimidation, Harassment, Threats