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Beaverdell Elementary School

Grades K-3
Address Box 116 Hwy 33, Beaverdell, BC, V0H 1A0
Telephone 250.484.5661
Fax 250.484.5585
Principal Ms. Anna Lautard
School website Beaverdell Elementary School


Mission Statement: To provide a nurturing, respectful and equal
opportunity environment that promotes student responsibility and active

Beaverdell Elementary is located in the beautiful town of Beaverdell, just
north of Rock Creek. There are currently 15 students and one teachers in
this K-3 school. The size of our school allows for a close knit school
climate that balances learning with fun. In keeping with our Mission
Statement, we are committed to creating a learning environment that
promotes responsible citizenship and personal growth within a safe, caring
environment. Multi-level learners benefit from excellent programming
and the small student/teacher ratio. Beaverdell is a great little school
that we very proud of!