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(During July and August you must contact the Ministry of Education directly. See link in the main body of this webpage)

Block Order Week of Dec. 5th 2016
Mon. Dec. 5th - B, C, D (Lunch) D, A
Tue. Dec. 6th - C, D, A (Lunch) A, B
Wed. Dec. 7th - D, A, B (Lunch) B, C
Thur. Dec. 8th - A, B, C (Lunch) C, D

Block Order Week of Dec. 12th 2016

Mon. Dec. 12th - C, D, A (Lunch) A, B
Tue. Dec. 13th - D, A, B (Lunch) B, C
Wed. Dec. 14th - A, B, C (Lunch) C, D
Thur. Dec. 15th - B, C, D (Lunch) D, A
DAILY ANNOUNCEMENTS at GFSS - For Dec. 5th, 2016

Grads: The financial portion of Unit 4 of Grad Transitions will be during B Block on Thursday, Dec. 8th  in the CAD Lab.   Grads in Chemistry 12 and Engineering will be called for the first half of the block and grads in Woodshop and other classes will come for the 2nd half of B block. 

Grade 8 Boy’s Basketball practice for Tues., Dec. 6th is cancelled.  The next practice will be Thurs., Dec. 8th at 3:45.

Grade 8’s:  Reminder that today is your last day of Rotation 3 of your D block practical arts class.  Tomorrow:
if you were in:            Woodwork you’ll go to Automotive
                                    Automotive you’ll go to Foods
                                    Foods you’ll go to Health & Careers
                                    Health & Careers you’ll go to Woodwork
This is the 4th and final rotation for your Grade 8 Practical Arts course.

The Global Citizenship Club will be holding a holiday food drive Dec. 5 – 16th.  Help someone in your community by donating a non-perishable food item.  Whichever grade donates the most food will receive a prize. 

This Thursday is Write for Rights Day.  Stop by the Multipurpose Room at lunch to write a letter and have a piece of cake!

Just a reminder to Ski Club students:  If you are planning to participate in the Silver Star ski trip, parents MUST come to the information meeting tonight (Monday)  at 7 pm in Room 214.  All permission forms will be handed out at this meeting.

Fire Suppression students:  your course will start at 4:15 pm today instead of 4.

  • Mon. Dec. 5 - Door decorating (Homerooms D Block 11:50)
    • Some supplies will be provided, but you may use your own as desired
  • Tues. Dec. 6 - Candy Cane Hunt (lunch)
  • Wed. Dec. 7 - Musical Chairs (lunch - multi)
  • Thurs. Dec. 8 - Photo Booth with props (lunch - front foyer)
  • Mon. Dec. 12 - Card-making Competition (lunch - multi)
    • Student Council will be selling candy grams throughout this week
  • Tues. Dec. 13 - Bake Sale & Hot Chocolate (lunch - multi)
  • Wed. Dec. 14 - Tacky Christmas Sweater Day
    • Students will all be in the auditorium in tacky sweaters for the band concert
  • Thurs. Dec. 15 - Snowman-Building Competition (lunch - outside)
    • Back-up plan will be implemented if there's not enough snow
  • Mon. Dec. 19 - Open Mic (lunch - multi)
  • Tues. Dec. 20 - Christmas dress-up (Santa hats, reindeer antlers, etc.)
  • Wed. Dec. 21 - Bonfire (lunch - outside), Candy Gram Delivery (block TBA) & Lip Sync Battle (auditorium - evening)
    • Lip Sync Battle will be in conjunction with Mr. Grey's drama class. Student Council will be delivering candy grams this day.
  • Thurs. Dec. 22 - Movie (Charlie Brown Christmas) & Relay in gym (full afternoon after extended lunch)

Update on BC's New Curriculum from Minister Mike Bernier - click here

GFSS Breakfast Program - Our breakfast program is funded by Breakfast for Learning and is available to any student starting at approximately 7:45 am in our Multipurpose Room.

Safer Schools Parent Advisory - Click here for a parent advisory regarding "Clown" Related Threats.

Health Promoting School Newsletter - Click here for the October newsletter.

K- 9 New Curriculum Reporting - Click here for a letter from the BC Education Minister, Mike Bernier, regarding reporting on the new curriculum in classrooms for Grades K-9.

Reminder to Parents - Student Activity Fees Due - Click here for the letter to parents explaining the $20.00 Student Activity Fee which is due and payable by all students annually.

School Sports Athletic Registration - Click here for the link to our school athletic registration package. As well, click here for "A Few Words About Coaches and Playing Time".

Criminal Record Checks for Volunteers - When accessing the online site for the free volunteer Criminal Record Checks, you will be asked for a code. This code is specific to our school ONLY.


When complete, the results will be emailed to the school directly. There have been circumstances where the applicant has been asked to print the application and bring it into the school to be faxed in. This DOES NOT mean there is a problem with your application, it is just a glitch in their system.Thank you for taking the time to fill this out and thank you for volunteering at our school!

Transcripts for Applying to Post Secondary Institutions - All Grads who are planning to go to a post secondary institution need to fill out a PSI form on the Ministry of Education website. The following are instructions for ordering transcripts to be sent to your choice of post secondary institution(s):

1. go the provincial education website
2. click on Student Secure web icon , enter it
3. create an account **you must know your PEN number!!**
4. click on PSI forms and follow the directions

Filling out this online form will ensure your high school transcripts are sent to the post secondary institutions, otherwise they will not be sent out.

If You Need A Copy of your High School Graduation Transcript - click here. A PEN (Personal Education Number) is required for the online application for a transcript. Your PEN is on all report cards.

School Supply List - Click here for the GFSS school supply list.

Letter to Parents from the Ministry- Click here for a letter from the Ministry of Education directed to Parents regarding the changes to Provincial Assessment and also Questions and Answers about the New Curriculum. .

Survey Results for Winter Break 2016-17 - Click here for the results from the recent survey regarding the Winter Break for 2016 - 2017. Schools will be consulting with parents and staff and the proposed school calendars will be presented for approval at the March 8th Board of Education meeting. Further input is welcome during the consultations at the school level as well as at the Board meeting on March 8th. Thank you for participating in the survey.

Letter to Parents from the Minister of Education - Click here for the letter to parents regarding changes in school curriculum.

Planning 10 Link My Blueprint Education Planner - Click here for the link.

DREAM BIG: READ! GFSS Library eBooks - Now available for you in GFSS eBooks. Click on the Follett eBooks icon to the left of this column;
** user name: (all lower case) your first initial and last name (for example - ajones)
** password: your student number

If you have any problems accessing the site, please see Mrs. deWynter or Ms. Walker in the DLC.

School Supply List - Click here for the GFSS school supply list.

2016/17 School Fees - All student fees will be collected in the Office.

Fee schedule - Student Council Activities .................$20.00
........................... Lock Fee...............................................$8.00
........................... Grad Fee (Grade 12's only) ...............$25.00
........................... Yearbook ........................................$45.00 pre-order cost $50 after Jan. 31st

**Certain elective courses have additional fees - see Student Handbook**

Attendance Expectations for GFSS - If your child is away, sick or has to leave early from school (or arrive late), please call the school in the morning or give your child a written note to give to the office explaining their absence. For a full day absence, the office needs to be notified either before or on the day of the absence. Please read the policy on "excused" and "unexcused" absences at the link to the left of this page (Attendance Expectations).

Encounters Canada - Students who may be interested in attending Encounters Canada, please click the following link for more info. Each school is allowed to send two (2) applicants. If interested, please see Mr. Stewart.

HEAD LICE - Please check your child's head for lice and nits on a daily and weekly basis. (Students should be lice-free and nit-free at school.) Interior Health's website has information on how to check for and treat head lice:
Interior Health Head Lice Information

Head Lice Information:
(We do not endorse any of the products listed).
What do lice and nits look like in the hair? - youtube video
Size Comparison and Removing Lice from Hair - youtube video
Head Lice, Louse & Nits - youtube video
Head Lice Removal Combing Techniques - youtube video
Frequently-asked questions about lice. (Dept. of Health, AU)

GFSS/BCSS The Mural Project - View the documentary on the Ab Ed Mural project by clicking here.

Grade 12 Info and Provincial Exam Scholarship Criterion - Click here for an update on Grad information regarding Provincial Scholarships, Passport to Education, etc..

GFSS School Improvement Plan - Parents and students are invited to submit feedback to the school as it works towards a plan for school imporovement over the next couple of years. Staff is working on setting some new directions related to building school culture, student learning and expectations around behaviour. If you have some positive ideas, please see Mr. Stewart or email your thoughts to

GFSS IS ON FACEBOOK! - Check out our Facebook Timeline. Click on the "Find us on Facebook" icon at the top right of this page and "Like" us on your Facebook and you'll receive notices of upcoming events and other school information.

Scholarship Resource Website - is a resource website which is free for all Canadian students. Its purpose is to introduce students to grant, scholarship and bursary funding, as well as employment opportunities. Check it out at

Speaking Up! - The BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC) has published a parent guide to advocating for students in public schools. There is a copy of the guide in the office if any parents wish to come in and review it.

Lost & Found - Located in the office. Clean articles are taken to the Thrift Shop after being displayed for a few days, just before the winter break, spring break and year end. There are daily announcements to remind students to look at the display tables outside the main office.

Medical Conditions/Allergies - Please contact the school office if your son or daughter has a medical condition or life-threatening allergy that would require administration of medication at school. A Medical Alert form and a Request for Administration of Medication at School form will need to be completed.

2014-15 Bell Schedule

8:14 Warning Bell
8:17 - 9:34
Period 1 (77 Min.)
9:39 -10:55
Period 2 ( 76 Min.)
11:00 - 12:14
Period 3 (74 min)
(40 Min.)
12:54 Warning Bell
12:58 - 2:09
Period 4 (71 Min.)
2:14 - 3:31
Period 5 (77 Min.)

Early Dismissal Bell Schedule

8:14 Warning Bell
8:17 - 9:34
Period 1 (77 Min.)
9:39 -10:55
Period 2 ( 76 Min.)
11:00 - 12:14
Period 3 (74 min)
(55 Min.)
1:09 Warning Bell
1:14 - 2:30
Period 4 (76 Min.)

Block Rotation Calendar